My name is Mahya; it means “Life”. When I think about it, I really don’t find any other name, which could suite me so well.

I am a young and enthusiastic mathematician, with variety of skills and passions. I work as Economic and Business Analyst. My extremely energetic nature made it clear for me that an office-job is not for me.

The desire of learning and understanding new topics, meeting new people and places and eventually combining all these information to tell a story in a comprehensive way brought me to the world of journalism.

I write regularly as a freelance business journalist for Donyay-e Eghtesad, a leading economic daily in Iran, Tejarat-e Farda, an economic weekly and for IranDaily, an English daily in Iran.

I constantly try to gain new skills: apart from my analytical skills, I am a very quick learner and speak 6 languages. I am also very creative in having new ideas and solution.

Almost half of my time, I’m traveling. Each trip is a course for me, full of new adventures, encouraging me to push further. I read a lot, love Opera and marionettes and as a hobby I write and translate children books. I have always been very sportive: Cycling, Badminton, Ping Pong, Tennis, Running, hiking, Football, etc.

I am very open for any collaboration. With no exaggeration, I am very friendly and you may hardly ever find me without a “big smile”!