Meat and chicken with discount for Moharram ceremonies

The Livestock Support Company has announced that there are no problems in providing red meat and chicken for the month of Moharram and mosques and religious establishments will receive discounts.

The Moharram mourning ceremony is a memorial held for Hussein bin Ali, the Third Imam of Shia Muslims who alongside his allies was killed in Karbala located in modern day Iraq in the year 61 of the exodus. The ceremonies start on the first day of Moharram, the tenth lunar month (this year, 22nd of September) and reach their climax at noon on the tenth day, when Hossain and his followers were killed in battle. There is a secondary ceremony held forty days after the death of Imam Hussein.

Alireza Vali, the Executive Director of the Livestock Support Company said: “Religious organizations can refer to the Livestock Support Company or centers which have been announced by this company and present their introduction letter in order to procure their required red meat and chicken. Frozen chicken meat will be offered at 57.000 IRR ($1.4 at market exchange rate) per kilogram whereas mixed frozen red meat will be sold at 230.000 IRR per kilogram.”

The average price of packaged chicken is 70.000 IRR per kilogram.

“Warm red meat from Central Asia is sold at 315.000 IRR and Warm red meat from Australia is offered at 330.000 IRR per kilogram”, added Mr Vali.

The Moharram mourning ceremonies have been held for many years in Iran. They follow different forms and traditions in different cities. In Iran after the passing of an individual, memorial services are held on the third, seventh and fortieth eves of their passing.