AIDCO to produce electric motorcycles

The Automotive Industries Development Co (AIDCO) will start production of its electric motorcycle in two years. The production line will have a capacity of 10 thousand units per year.

By the end of this year AIDCO will import 5000 electric motorcycles with plans to double this number in the following year.

AIDCO announced negotiations with one of the largest manufacturers of electric motorcycles in the world leading to investment and transfer of technology to Iran.

Hasan Foruzanfar, Vice President of AIDCO did not reveal the foreign party but said: “So far, some agreements have been reached. We have also begun negotiations with a domestic company in order to produce the required batteries locally. Negotiations have also been conducted with Tehran University and Ghazvin Azad University in order to localize, establish the engine production line, design the exterior and optimize the batteries. Currently, the preliminary models are being experimentally manufactured”.

Regarding plans by the city to encourage the public to purchase these motorcycles, Mr. Foruzanfar explained: “For each motorcycle, the Municipality has considered a 25 million IRR discount for customers. Furthermore, the city plans to develop charging stations for these motorcycles throughout Tehran. In order to reduce pollution, as soon as enough electric motorcycles are supplied, the Tehran municipality will ban internal combustion motorcycles from district 12 and only electric motorcycles will be allowed to enter this district. With the manufacture and development of additional electric motorcycles, this plan will extend to other districts of Tehran”.

To further support the development of these motorcycles, electric motorcycles will not be required to pay congestion charges to enter any of the districts in Tehran.

AIDCO belongs jointly to the two largest automotive manufacturers in Iran, SAIPA and Iran Khodro Co. Its shareholders are SAIPA (53%), SAIPA Investment (21%) and Iran Khodro Co. (26%).