Iran Economy in Brief – No. 89

Busy days of Iran Airport Company

Iran Airport Company (IAC) passes busy days as the airspace of four Arab countries remain closed on Qatari flights. To control the air traffic better, The Iran Airport Company announced the purchase of five to eight air traffic control radars.

Since June 2017, airspace closure of Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Egypt on Qatari fights, has forced the airline to re-route its flights over Iran, Turkey and Oman.

The increase in passing flights has caused the Airport Company to face workforce shortages. The company has sped up the training and hiring process and plans to purchase new air control radar equipment.

The Director of Air Traffic Control of IAC, Masoud Nikbakht said: “During the last year in spite of pressures and shortages, air traffic controllers have been able to perform admirably. We currently have 955 controllers and we need to add 900 new people. With the increase in passing flights, we are faced with staff shortages in the air control center and some airports such as Bandar Abbas, Bushehr and Ahwaz (in south of Iran).”

Mobile phones will be registered

The Ministry of Industries, Mining and Trades, with the assistance of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology has finally carried out the mobile phone registration plan. The plan was introduced ten years ago, however due to the lack of infrastructure in the customs department, it was never put into action.

“Over 9 million mobile phones are imported into the country and 90% of those are smuggled into the country. Based on estimates in 1395 (March 2015-2016), the government loses almost 625 million dollars due to the illegal importation of mobile phones”, announced Mohammadreza Dehghaninia, The Director General of Information Technology at the Headquarters for Combating the Smuggling of Goods and Currency.

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 Iran is to send its workforce to foreign countries

The Director General of the Office for the Advancement of Labor and Employment at the Ministry of Labor, Mohammad Akbarnia said: “With help from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, embassies and representatives of the Islamic Republic in foreign countries; arrangements have been made to establish employment offices in the four countries of Australia, Oman, Turkey and Tajikistan in order to send workers to these countries.” The Ministry of Labor hopes to ease the sending of workers to these countries with the help of these offices and provide legal and social support for them with the help of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.