Iran Economy in Brief – No. 24

What do we eat in Iran?
Although Iran is the fourth largest producer of fruits, FAO says that Iranians on average eat only one-fourth of global average, i.e. each Iranian eats 30 Kg of fruits and vegetables per year.
According to a study by FAO, Iranians eats rice seven-times more than Europeans. We also eat three-times more bread than our European friends.
Red-meet consumption per capita in Iran is about 7.5 Kg per year, it also indicates that this figure for low-income households reaches only 0.9 Kg per head per year. Wealthy Iranian families, though, consume up to 17 Kg of red meat per person in a year.
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Twenty-Percent More Export: The goal for the current Iranian year
Until the end of the Iranian fiscal year, i.e. 20 March 2017, Iran plans to increase the export of non-petroleum products by 20%; i.e. reaching $50 billion to 32 destinations.
In a recent agreement between this ministry and the National Development Fund of Iran, this latter organization has accepted to deposit €500 million at the selected banks, who will then provide low rate credits to businesses. The interest rate for credits to agricultural businesses is going to be 4% and for industrial ones at 16%.
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Tax Exemption for 13 Years
To revive more than 7000 inactive industrial enterprises, the Government offers 13 years of tax exemption for the manufacturers located in under development areas.
Enterprises located 120 Km outside Tehran, 50 Km outside Isfahan and 30 Km outside other cities, will pay up to 80% less tax for five years.
The Government hopes to encourage the owners of these inactive manufacturers to reopen their businesses.
Until April 2016 nearly 89000 industrial and manufacturing licenses have been issued by the Ministry of Industry and Trade, where 90% are small enterprises, 4.5% medium-sized and the rest are large ones.