Shrimp cultivation in Chabahar


In 2014, total shrimp farming production of Iran reached 22500 tones, says FAO. Shrimping in the Persian Gulf by Iranian trawlers was nearly 8600 tones.

In Sistan and Baluchistan province, located on the border with Pakistan and Afghanistan, Shrimp farmers complain about too little protection from the Government.

Head of Sistan Shrimp Syndicate says that there are 90 shrimp farms in Chabahar zone, each 20 hectares in area and capable of accommodating 1350 hectares of pond area in total. But due to lack of financing only 105 hectares are in operation. Last year 300 tones of Shrimp were farmed in 200 hectares in Chabahar.

Beside financing problems, new insurance regulations make it even more difficult to develop the industry. “So far the insurance on shrimp farming was issued in the name of the investor which would encourage him to invest more. However, starting from the current year the insurance will be issued in the name of the owner of the farm and this increases the risk for the private investors and pushes them out”, said the head of Fisheries Organization of Sistan.

He also notes that the entrance of Chinese investors was not a good idea as they were not familiar with the situation in Chabahar.

Chabahar, a city from Sistan and Baluchistan Province of Iran, is located on the Gulf of Oman. It is a free trade zone in Iran and that causes the city and its port to be very important in the international trade of Iran.