Clearance Time For Goods From Iran: Less Than an Hour

Market share and penetration rate of the Public Warehouses and Customs Services Corporation has increased from 7.6% in the last year to 8.7% in the current year.

Vali Azarvash, CEO of Public Storage and Customs Services Co., in the 50th anniversary of the establishment of this corporation has said: “In the past over 97% of the corporation and its branches had operated at a loss. However, with the steps that have been taken, now more than 40% of the corporation is no longer in the red.”

The Public warehouses and Customs Services Co. is a financial institution offering quality and quantity services, attracting and retaining clients in the areas of import and export via air, sea and land.

One of the factors in determining the ease of doing business in a country is, the time exported or imported goods remain at customs offices. In order to improve her position in the global ranking, Iran is trying to shorten the time goods are stocked before entering or leaving the country.

Concerning the clearance of imported and exported goods, Mr. Azarvash explained: “Due to the 4% decrease in imports in the first 9 months of the current year in comparison with last year, the stay of goods in warehouses has reduced from 27 to 5-6 working days.

The stay for exported goods has also been reduced from 5-6 days to less an hour and in some cases the stay has been removed entirely.”

Iran’s Public Warehouse Co. was established and registered in 1961 based on the “legal act for establishing public warehouses” in order to provide storage services for basic material, industrial and agricultural products and goods belonging to industrialists, farmers and traders provided they are approved by the oversight committee responsible for public warehouses.