Expansion for Gondola Lift in Tochal Mountain

Tochal Recreational and Sport Complex in north of Tehran, owns one of the world’s longest gondola lifts. The operating organization plans further development and expansion.

“We have planned to extend the gondola lift route from 7.5 km to 8.1 km. Furthermore, by utilizing financial resources from the private sector a ski slope, multistory parking, grassland, theme park and a larger sports complex will be constructed in this area. For the first time, the gondola lift and its towers have been constructed in Iran and are awaiting permission to be installed by the Standards Organization”, said The CEO of Tochal Complex, Mohammadreza Parhizkar.

Tochal gondola lift is located 3km from Tajrish Square at the end of Velenjack Street in Shemiranat, north of Tehran. The gondola lift has three main lines and three chairlift lines as well as a teleski line which were constructed by French Poma and Austrian Doppelmayr in 1978. 500 thousand people use this gondola lift annually.

Regarding the development project, Parhizkar added: “Annually, three million people use the facilities at this complex and we hope to increase this number to five million people with this development project.”

In order to purchase the other necessities for this project which cannot be domestically manufactured, auctions will be held, say the officials. Mr Parhizkar expects the earnings of Tochal Complex to reach 220 billion IRR ($6.8m) this year which indicates a growth of 37%. The management of the complex has released the earnings of Tochal Complex as 110 billion IRR ($3.4m) and 160 billion IRR ($4.9m) for Iranian fiscal years 1393 (March 2014-2015) and 1394 (March 2015-2016) respectively.

Tochal Ski Resort starts at an altitude of 3850 meters and is comprised of three individual ski slopes.