Information for everyone

The beta version of the website for free access to information has been launched by the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance. This website, which has been launched in order to increase transparency in the operation of governmental organizations, publicly publishes documents from different governmental organizations at the request of civilians.

The published data is not limited to governmental organizations; Revolutionary institutions, armed forces, the judiciary and legislature as well as institutes, corporations, organizations and their related offices, foundations and institutes managed under the Supreme Leader as well as any organization, corporation or institute which is at least 50% owned by any part of the government must publish their information.

In the ceremony to launch the website, the Minister of Communication & Information Technology, Mahmoud Vaezi said: “We have a national outlook towards this website and its operation. Until now, only a select few had access to this information as a privilege; today however this access has been made available to all Iranian people. Information should either be classified based on security or national concerns or it should be publicly made available to everyone.”

Regarding the operation of this website, Hossein Entezami, Secretary of the Commission for the release and free access to information has said: “Once users have registered a request, organizations have 10 days to provide the requested information. If there is a delay, users can file their complaints using this website.”

The information will only be withheld in case it violates the privacy of individuals. So far nearly 120 requests have been registered on the website. The website can be found here (with a foreign IP-Address you may have no access to it).