High electricity users will be equipped by smart meters

The Tehran Electricity Distribution Company announced: 16,500 three-phase smart meters has been installed for high usage customers under the FAHAM Program. The FAHAM Program (National Smart Metering Program in Iran) is the first stage in making a smart power grid … Continued

Arrival of new Airbus revives Iran Air

The second new Airbus, purchased after the lifting of sanctions, which is an Airbus A330-243, landed in Mehrabad International Airport on Saturday morning, March 11. During sanctions, the Iranian avionics industry suffered greatly. Abbas Akhundi, Minister of Roads and Urbanization … Continued

Iran Economy in Brief – No. 57

Desalination capacities become more than twice by 2025 Downpour has significantly decreased over the last years and Iran seeks new sources for drinking water; in some areas for industrial uses as well. One solution is desalination. Although the methods are … Continued

Housing Market indicates flourishing soon, says the Ministry of Roads and Urbanization

The Ministry of Roads and Urbanization announced that in the first 9 months of the current Iranian fiscal year, housing transactions have increased by 9% compared to the same period of the previous year. “In Iran, the process for constructing … Continued