Indians and Koreans on Iran’s rail projects

The Ministry of Roads and Urbanization has announced the latest status of Indian and South Korean investments in Iran’s railway projects. Iran is in talks to finalize Indian investment for the Chabahar-Zahedan-Birjand-Mashhad rail project. Indian Ircon International signed an agreement … Continued

Transportation structure must change, says The Minister of Roads

In the latest meeting of the Ministry of Roads and Urbanization’s logistics taskforce, the Minister, Abbas Akhundi, called for change in the country’s transportation structure and said: “Basically, in the governmental approach, the business outlook of the transportation structure is … Continued

One-third of urbans accommodated in unofficial places

The Director of the Urban Regeneration Committee at the Ministry of Roads and Urbanization, Nariman Mostafayee, said: “30% of the country’s urban population, equal to 20 million people, live either in unofficial settlements or eroded accommodations.” He announced the existence … Continued